Western Red Cedar Wooden Seed Germination Tray

Western Red Cedar Wooden Seed Germination Tray
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Wonderfully aromatic, light and insulating Western Red Cedar cedar seed tray to nurture your delicate seedlings.  Seed is expensive, so you want to give your seedlings the best chance of success.  Western Red Cedar has some amazing properties - it is very light, very durable, is a good thermal insulator, and exudes the marvels of cedar wood aroma and it's associated anti-insect properties.  Slugs are less enthusiastic about all wooden seed trays, and especially these.

If you are not a gardener, you might try using these to store your woollen socks neatly in your wardrobe and hopefully deter moths.

Measure:  39cm x 24.5cm x 8cm      (Do contact us if you would like these made to your own measurements)

Price:  £12.95  each

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